Bleeding Heart

bleeding-heartShe was the flower that rose from the concrete
The current state of fate did not prevent her cultivation
Each petal rising as she blossomed depicted her wholeness
The petal of strength came as she endured the unthinkable
The petal of love was deciphered from heartache
The petal of kindness stood its ground in a world so cruel
The petal of beauty marked what could and could not be seen
The petal of “woke” was the last to blossom as she worked through societies encrypted messages
Wild flower in the midst of the universe
The sway of her embodiment makes a statement
Becoming her own with no plans to be stopped
A masterpiece taking its time to be created
Metaphorically a diamond in the rough
Her Presence? unforgettable
The light in her? indescribable
Some will walk over her
Some will admire her
Some will pick her and experience her fire
Containing the spirit of a bleeding heart
When the petals fall…those parts of her are not erased
Letting them go, only to rise, as a better version of HERSELF.

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