Time, does it take from us?

Time, does it take from us?

I was recently watching “Alice Through the Looking Glass” for the second time, and as it did about a month ago I was again reflecting on the meaning of time.

After Alice messed with time and defied him, she then realized what she had done. One realization she offered was,”time gives before it takes away.” Because of that line I consciously try to look at time differently.

We consistently think of time as something that takes away, something that we do not have enough of, and something that goes by fast or slow. When someone passes away we suddenly tell everyone to appreciate what they have before its gone.

I am encouraging myself to look at the time I do have, and appreciating that time gives before it takes away. Time truly is what we choose to do with it. Yes, all of this can seem quite obvious yet often time is thought of in a negative way. Yes, you may disagree with me as well.

We have time to say I love you more than we do. We have time to take the first step toward a goal we have had going through our mind, we have time to forgive for ourselves. I am guilty of wasting time and I am not saying you have to be doing something every second of the day to appreciate it or for it to be considered not wasted.

I am not sure about you, but when I want to do something I would rather save my energy or I feel like I do not have enough… Put that energy into the universe and you will not regret it.

What I am saying is, just appreciate the moments you have and be present in the different areas of your life. If it takes two seconds to send a text saying I love you to your friends, family, etc… then take those two seconds.

P.S. I recommend that you watch the movie!

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