Embrace where you are: The beauty of trees


Be open and honest about where you are at. I was given the metaphor of a tree and how it relates to our being. Have you thought about the teachings of a tree? I am sure if we stop to think about all that mother nature provides we would learn many lessons.

The nourishment of the tree’s roots affects what you see above ground. We are the same. We can project to others how we want them to see us, but eventually the lack of nourishment shows. Most of the time it shows in small ways we cannot always recognize. The lack of attending to our needs hurts us. You can be selfish and selfless. Often selfishness is looked at negatively without the consideration of what neglecting our needs does to our being.

I am guilty of doing this and I continue to think more consciously about how I am treating myself. The point is this. Take care of your roots. I hope this can be a reminder. Do something that will let you know daily that you matter and are important.

Part of nourishing your being is letting go of the roots that are dead. Letting go of anything that poisons your roots. Giving yourself the ability to grow and let in what you otherwise might have shut out. Broadening who you are and your being

It is okay to be open and honest with yourself about where you are at. It is okay to work on yourself and give your roots the water they need. It is okay to communicate that and live it!

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