You think you know me? Stereotypes tied with your unmalleable mind is no match for a queen Guerra Peliadora Carrying the spirit of my ancestors Walking rebelliously in solidarity with my kin Decaying box with my name on it starving from my resistance I have not fed it the assimilation it needs to survive **I... Continue Reading →

Letting Go: The end is knowing

#Haiku "Letting Go" No questions let go Your worth will shine and capture By then you will know Slowly I have been letting things go and taking a step back from thoughts that have kept my mind from being free. I have declared 2017 as the year I will say yes to more experiences, let... Continue Reading →

Flight #1564

This post is about a week late but hey, here it goes anyway... Outside of the fact that I get anxiety at the thought of something going wrong while I go through TSA, I like airports. Well maybe not necessarily airports but hopefully you can catch my drift as you continue reading. I am an... Continue Reading →

Upper Echelon

#MondayNightHaiku #EverydayBlackness Highest Queens and Kings Deserving of the throne, sit They know your power This haiku goes out to every person living in a world where society tries to tear them down. To my brothas and sistahs who continue to show up and show out. We endure so much. I once told a friend... Continue Reading →

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