Say Yes: Tinder and Fetishization

I decided 2K17 is my "year of yes." Recently, I re-downloaded tinder (my swipe left game is strong on this app) and re-downloaded Soul Swipe as well. I downloaded these apps with zero intentions to date. I am in a process of healing and trying to do more for myself. I am chillin' in a "if it happens it... Continue Reading →

PWI and Racial America

I was interviewing a student for the program that I work for and I was not expecting to pause and have a conversation about this student's experience. We talk about building rapport, getting to know a student, and allowing them to open up on their terms. Having just met, asking the following question was on... Continue Reading →

Upper Echelon

#MondayNightHaiku #EverydayBlackness Highest Queens and Kings Deserving of the throne, sit They know your power This haiku goes out to every person living in a world where society tries to tear them down. To my brothas and sistahs who continue to show up and show out. We endure so much. I once told a friend... Continue Reading →

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