Standing in her fears
Dare she relish in her dreams
Conquering the world

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News in the age of Social Media: #MissingDCGirls

News in the age of Social Media: #MissingDCGirls

Recently, there was a young woman who posted a concerning Snapchat, which caused the picture to go viral. Thankfully, the young woman was found (shoutout to #BlackTwitter) but I looked on the internet to find the young woman’s name and did not find any news coverage. You should be skeptical about this. Different news outlets continue to dictate who is a priority while controlling societies psyche to believe “alternative facts” LIES! about underrepresented populations. Thus, forcing us to be our own media outlet.

Here we are a week later with the hashtag, #MissingDCGirls. There are multiple young Black girls/women going missing with no care from those sworn to protect them. The recent showing of “Get Out” Jordan Peele highlights the unsettling feeling of being unwanted. Likewise, the appropriation of Black culture and being wanted too much, hence the scene of the auction. Have you heard of the saying, “wanting to be Black before it is time to be black”? Below is a prime example. Rachel Dolezal

Social media has provided a platform to help those across the nation raise awareness of the injustice happening around us. Unfortunately, social media is needing to be used time and time again while groups like #BlackLivesMatter strive for justice. Whether you are near what is happening or miles away it affects you. We cannot deny social media’s usefulness. Because of facebook and Twitter, thousands are able to get the word out about the girls/women missing in DC and across the United States and push for action to be taken.

The inattention to Black and Brown bodies going missing brings to light the overwhelming focus on White girls/women to be found. Where are the amber alerts for them? and why are we still talking about JonBenet Ramsey?

At the end of the day, we need TS Mothaf***$@ A

**This photo is not intended to make light of what is happening and we should all have a deep concern for what is going on. Will #AllLivesMatter and those who attended the Women’s March show up?


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