That one friend who moved far away

Can we talk about how making friends as an adult is hard? Making friends as an adult-introvert seems to be harder, but hard is hard. I have moved full-time into the professional world and majority of my friends have as well if they were not there already. I chose to go to graduate school to... Continue Reading →


Standing in her fears Dare she relish in her dreams Conquering the world #Haiku #Poetry #Ratri #Goddess #MondayNightHaiku Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @theekward **I do not own any rights to the picture used in this post.

“Women Who Run With The Wolves” 

A friend of mine is letting me borrow her book called "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I am only on page 51 and this book is giving me life. "Early in the formulation of classical psychology women's curiosity was given quite a negative connotation, whereas men with the same attribute... Continue Reading →

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